Monday, February 1, 2010

Current Projects: RURALSTOP

RURALSTOP is a temporary landscape/art installation at the corner of Interstate and Killingsworth streets in North Portland. Currently a vacant lot, RURALSTOP is a response to the community’s ongoing efforts to see improvements to the neighborhood’s largest, highly-visible vacant lot. Located at the intersection of two well-used public transportation systems, RURALSTOP is envisioned as a rural “bus stop” – an alternative to the everyday, sometimes mundane, bus and light rail shelters of the city.

RURALSTOP introduces aspects of the country vernacular into the city – intermixing elements of urban & rural to highlight their connections and interdependence. Hay bales serve as versatile seating, while corn planting(rural) and ornamental grasses (urban) are woven together to frame the edges of the site. A newspaper bin completes the installation – mirroring typical bus stops of the area.

Eco-friendly materials are envisioned for this installation - chosen such that they can be recycled and/or easily integrated into the site upon construction of the Killingsworth Station.


  1. I like the grass and corn with their shadows in the perspective. Is this part of a bigger PARK(ing)Day type project?

  2. Is it going to get installed? if so, can you share images? I like the idea that eventually the rain of Portland could turn the straw bales into "sod bales"...