Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Current Projects: The Modern Rain Garden

Perspective - Looking North
Recognizing the potential to capture water on site, the rain garden is at the heart of the design for this backyard.  Rainwater on site is gathered from rain gutters and released through an intricate series of stone runnels and scuppers, ultimately being released into a formalized sedge garden. 

Sketch - Stormwater Scupper and Stone Runnel
Serving as an effective way to manage stormwater, the rain garden provides visual interest while also tying the various materials and areas of the garden together.   Other areas of the garden include a tea house (formally a shed), a private patio, IPE wood, tiered deck and an entertaining patio.

In collaboration with Pistils Landscape Design, the first phase of installation has just been completed. 

Lawn At Deck Steps

Meeting of Materials - Deck/Concrete Steps at Lawn

First Phase Of Construction


  1. Hurrah! A new post! So are these presentation drawings you did for the client. Looks like some sketch-up in the first image. What tools did you use to render the plan view? I'm trying to get back into some rendering and could use some inspiration that's not scanned colored pencil.

  2. Hey Aaron. I created the base in ACAD, then imported to Illustrator and did most of rendering there. At the end I added some gradients and shadows in Photoshop. I need to get back to doing some hand rendering...I'll no doubt pick your brain as its been a while.

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